Why Yes Yes Non Monogamy

   This site was created because of the lack of community + education around non-monogamy. When we talk about non-monogamy, we aren't just talking about polyamory, we are talking about all of the relationships that fall in between monogamy and polyamory. The relationships that are sometimes open, and sometimes closed, the relationships that are determined based on who you're in the relationship with, the relationships that don't want to be polyamorous but definitely aren't monogamous. 

 This site is created with all of us in mind. A place to share who we are, our stories, our experiences, our fears, our successes. We learn from each other, and that is the goal of Yes Yes Non Monogamy, a place of learning and celebration. 
 We are so grateful to have you along for this journey, our journey, 

Margaret Jacobsen