Soft Focus: Sex Positivity with Lauren Moran

My first guest, artist Lauren Moran, and I started with a long list of questions with the intention of going through several of them. But when we met to record our conversation we only ended up getting to the first one. Originally framed as, “What is your understanding of sex positivity?” we instead ended up sharing a lot about what holds us back from living up to our own ideals of sex positivity, and what we wish to change to be more sex positive.

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Erica ThomasComment
From the Community: In Finding Non-Monogamy, I Also Found Myself

and I was finally entering back into the world and gaining back some of my autonomy. And the idea that I could have the freedom to connect with folks in whatever way felt good was almost too good to be true. Lots and lots of people were living a truth I had only just considered- we make our own rules, and our marriage can look any way we want it to.

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Why Yes Yes Non Monogamy

This site was created because of the lack of community + education around non-monogamy. When we talk about non-monogamy, we aren't just talking about polyamory, we are talking about all of the relationships that fall in between monogamy and polyamory. 

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Margaret Jacobsen